POPPI'S guesthouse

Congratulations Poppi. You have successfully created a hostel for "grown-ups". This is a truly beautiful place to stay with everything well thought out and creatively decorated.

Jen and Paul, UK

Hospitality #1, more is not necessary.

Elizabeth, the Netherlands

It was fate that we found Poppi's. What an experience!  Mike and Faye, USA

The thing about staying at Poppi's is that we totally stayed at Poppi's!! Loved it!

Kenley and Lucas, Calgary

This guesthouse is so cooool and comfortable. I cannot describe it. Just perfect.

M. Hilger, Germany

This house, the kitchen and marvelous mattress scream "Revelstoke rules supreme" Most soulful place on our trip so far...by far.

Nadine, Switzerland

Loved it! It was like the female orgasm of hostels.  Garcia, Guatemala

My tag line on this trip has been "they think of everything". Lee, Australia

Your warm, simple and familiar hospitality added that "something more" we look for in accommodation.

Andrea, Italy

Revelstoke could never be what it is without the likes of Poppi. This beautiful home, open and welcoming, sets a standard that follows one up the mountain and throughout the town. Not unique to just us, it's contagious nature becomes even more apparent by each new visitor forever enlarging the household Poppi built. More satisfied we could not be.

Jan and Pavel, Montreal

The most cozy and comfortable stay on this trip. A true find. You're on a winner, Poppi!  John, Australia

Coming here felt like going to my close auntie's place. I really felt at home.  Danielle, Edmonton

NOus quittons ce matin avec une pointe de regret de laisser derriere nous un lit, une chambre, une maison si comfortable et propre. C'est si reposant. Laura et Youri, France

Truly a hidden gem. Geoff, NZ

The house was perfect for our large group. It was so great for us to have a house to use for the week we were here. 

Jill, Ottawa

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