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In the fall of 2007, Poppi Reiner came Revelstoke merely to check out possible investment properties and immediately fell in love:

“Perhaps it is the quaint heritage feel of the town nestled between two spectacular mountain ranges, or maybe it is the way the sand sparkles with mica crystals and the snow scintillates in the sun. Whatever the reason, Revelstoke certainly has me under its spell!”

As a traveller herself, she enjoyed meeting people but was uncomfortable with sleeping in a dorm bed. When she found the guesthouse with five private bedrooms and ample community living space, she realized she could achieve the perfect balance for like-minded people. Two days later she put in an offer and moved her life here in January of 2008.

Three months of extensive renovations followed and Poppi's Guesthouse opened for business in May, 2008. Thanks to  tremendous support from the Revelstoke community and  her enthusiastic guests, Poppi's has enjoyed an extremely successful eight years in business. At the end of each busy season, Poppi adds new upgrades based on the generous feedback and helpful suggestions of her cherished guests.

"If you listen closely enough, your customers will tell you everything about your business." 

Peter Shutz, retired CEO of Porsche



I'm nothing if not accommodating!

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